Nevertheless, the chipset is intended for the value market sector. But it’s not so simple. As for stability, I could only mention that the system gave out failures rather often, and then hung. Such choice was done due to the fact that Duron must have to seize the low PC market segment, and it correspondingly had to have chipsets. What will the company be doing now? There is a wide range of frequencies to choose:

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They avoid some limitations by integrating two chips in one. In case of the latest Intel chipsets there are 3 hubs, the two first are the same north and south bridges, and the third one represents a usual chip of Flash-memory. But it’s not so simple. Nevertheless, the chipset is intended for the value market sector. Video 3Digests Video cards: A year passed but no boards based on it could be actually seen – and it’s concerned with the fact that at a comparable price an end-user was choosing among the i and the SiS As you can see the results are not very attractive.

In my opinion, this chipset will be actually used either for cheap integrated boards or miniature solutions from brands.

Intel, AMD and others have taken another way – they created a wide bus, and as for SiS, they didn’t need to build a broadway instead of a narrow path, and it was thanks to the chipset design in the form of one chip.

Although it doesn’t widens a bus between the conditional bridges, it gives possibility to connect directly an IDE controller and a north bridge.

Let’s see whether it can prove its might. Final words The direct competitor of the SiSS will be of course the KM chipset – and on the example of the KT, which has a similar architecture with the KM, we can see that the struggle of Socket Socket A boards in the 7as market sector won’t be so bloody.


And VIA is not sleeping either: Well, the only thing to do is to try to get out of such situation. That’s why we tested PM based board which contained Savage4 core and was intended for the systems with Socketand the KTA together with a video card based vvm the Savage4 Pro.

As for stability, I could only mention that the system gave out failures rather often, and then hung.

Consumed Power, Energy A7a And now SiS tries to enter budget PC market, and this time they gamble on the system based on Athlon and Duron processors. SiS have noticed it and decided to gamble on the “all-in-one” solution. Their attempts to reanimate the chipset with release of new versions – E and S where a possibility to use SiS – video bridge from SiS was removed, and in the latter they added An AGP 4x slot, one more USB port and ATA support didn’t allow the company to receive marked dividends.


Speed characteristics were defined in comparison with the systems of the same level, and we were aimed at the VIA KM releasing right after the SiSS. Apart from it, SiS company was busy with building of a factory what also drew away money from development of new technologies. But we should mention once again that it was not a production board, but a sample.

Last time we can rarely hear about a Taiwanese company Silicon Integrated Systems SiS – the last news form them were connected with an integrated solution for Socket systems – the SiS chipset. Motherboard manufacturers announced the boards for this chipset v it still takes some time to appear on the market. It’s version, though, was beta – not even a release, that’s why everything can change yet.


BioShock Infinite and Metro: There is a wide range of frequencies to choose: Such boards were produced by little-known manufacturers whose market’s part was very tiny. The layout is actually not very competent – a position of CD-in and AUX-In connectors in front of PCI-slots doesn’t always provide an easy access, power supply connector is located between a socket and a rear panel, and in some cases it will be accessed w7s difficulty because of a power supply unit in the way.

ASUS A7S-VM – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket A – SiS730S Series

Besides, there is offered a wide choice of memory settings – and the only thing missed for an overclocker is a possibility to increase core voltage. In the previous tests we showed that this solution didn’t allow using it in up-to-date graphics applications, due to low speed and definite problems in the software – particularly in API OpenGL.

Write a comment below. Board manufacturers spent little money for their products what resulted in weak characteristics of the boards.

ASUS A7S-VM, Socket A, AMD (A7S-VM/WA/LAN) Motherboard

The only thing that attracts is a7z the SiS chipset is a solution on one chip what should tell upon a board’s size; this is especially important, for example, for boards of Flex-ATX format. Although 2D image is quite good, we can’t call the SiS a successful choice. A possibility to change multipliers manually was a pleasant feature, but this function turned to be unworkable.