The list is found https: It just reseted the time and date, but admin password was still set. Your my new hero! The problem with mine was it would not even boot to windows. Only paid 40 at the pawn shop and 80 for a replacement i5 mobo. There was no user password but administrator password was set and it led to that i wasnt able to boot anything.

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If your problem was a BIOS password preventing you from booting the computer. Than are utilities to reset CMOS, but they didnt worked at all or needed to boot from cd or flash drive. So i changed HDD and woo enter bios password. Password for this date is: All the others on here were able zp get past the screen you and I got to boot into windows.

ASUS F3T Drivers

Still a good deal. Next thing i did was removing X; battery for about an hour, but that did not help. What a bunch of idiots! I was given a XCA and turn it on ask for pass word.


Like I said, I just had to replace motherboard. I suppose that isnt up to date solution as it uses flash memory for storing password. HI i bought last week asus XM when i start my laptop come on password??? Anyone checking this area dp more? Note that I can’t login to Windows. First thing i tried was to flash bios but guess what? No boot to the HD or anything, just bios.

The only thing you can do is buy another motherboard. Its work perfect for me. I set up date to because when I use F1 during boot load cp this date I read from windows. Michael Duquette, you are best.

So somebody put a admin password in the bios. Think I’m gonna have same prob u have cause I’m thinking is is an old list for older models since it only goes up to You need administrator password to do that. Than i found you can set any date, if u have some problems with that up to and find your pass here.


Official Support | ASUS USA

Administrator password is gone! Your my new hero! The list is found https: How did you get into windows to change the time? Anybody have a thought other than switch the motherboard? Thank you so much!

So i ran into a problem few days ago and it seemed to be very annoying one. But worth the try. Called ASUS and an estimate was dollars!!!??? I asuw an ASUS QL from a pawn shop yesterday and the dummys asks work there allow customers to do whatever with the laptops etc How do I change the date when I can’t get past the bios password screen?

I didn’t need to remove the battery or anything else.