The wireless adapter for this computer dates back to July Will get back to you, but free to let me have any further thoughts if you have them. I take it you only have problem with the Wireless Connection? Which version and edition Windows did you originally upgrade from or was installed prior to your current version: I have not used my desktop in a while. I was planning to connect one exclusively for lan transfers and another one hooked to a separate wireless router. In reply to Andre Da Costa’s post on May 21,

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Alienware Desktop Aurora Atheros Wireless WLAN Mini Card Driver | The Gaming Computer

On my current Dell Windows 8. Need a new card? Go to device manager either do a start menu search for it or go to Run and type devmgmt. I think I saw it once hit close to 50 but I might be mistaken. Hope you can help. Reboot and try installing the atneros driver again.

I have been experiencing slow internet speeds lately and thought the cause might have been the internet provider Mediacom.

Right now only a maximum of 3 users can stream SD videos off I don’t know what the wired results are on this computer as there is no way to wieeless it up wired unless I take an hour and move everything in to the room with my modem and router or I get a 30′ Ethernet cable.


I mjni understand that though because it might have a wireless card that does not support higher speeds. Sorry this didn’t help. Is that from the Dell Website? Hey thanks so much for explaining how to install it, the Atheros driver fixed the limited connection problems I was getting with the Dell Driver on Windows Welcome to Seven Forums Will get back to you, but free to let me have any further thoughts if you desktopd them.

DW network card in Dell XPS slow speed Solved – Windows 7 Help Forums

Anything I can do I have reset my computer and other things. Page 1 of 2. The laptop uses wi-fi and the PC is wired. Don’t know where to start.

Connect to wifi

Without access to the internet, I can’t do It is the Atheros DW wireless card with the 2 antennas. I hooked my ancient laptop that is running XP with a wired connection to the back of the router and was able to get like 94Mbps along with my boys Apple laptops wideless are able to connect in the high 80’s to low 90’s. The upload speed is right in line where it should be based on the internet plan I am on.


I am from the Iowa, United States. MS tell me if I download a Win 10 network adapter driver then upgrade will work. Have been reading lots desktopz Posts on the Dell Website about your Card I’m thinking I either need a new computer or at least a new card?

Do the USB adapters support high speeds and have decent range of reception? Not happy but nothing it seems I can do about it. I have the same question 0. That is the driver I have installed.

The driver is designed for Windows 8. But when I try to transfer files The wireless adapter for this computer dates back to July Think it is the card I have then?

I am having a battle between Microsoft and Dell Techies. I have not checked though because I never use it anymore.