ChatPack – Binaural Headphones, Microphone, 2. Although we try to use original product photos, this is not always possible. If you have bought this product and you know what is in the box, please tell us! What is in the Box. The models sold so far have been replaced by the new generation models with much better performance. TYAN , distribution agreement.

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Canyon Introduced New Range of Webcams and Chat Packs

Both devices support hot-plugging. With its simple design and user friendliness this model has the potential to become the indispensable tool of every user of the VoIP communication. Canyon become known to the wider public not only through certain types of devices it was selling, cbr also through its ready solutions known as VoIP Chat sets containing all components necessary for easy initiation of communication.

For more information, please visit: It is a telephone with the same options as the previous one; in fact, it even looks the same. Powered by RetailConnection SA.


When you have incoming call, the telephone shall give a ring signal and at the same time the indication of the caller. Consequently, readers of the press releases and other materials should not rely upon the information as current or accurate after their issuance dates.

Canyon Introduced New Range of Webcams and Chat Packs

Being an industry leader in VoIP Chat Pack production, Canyon will now also introduce a completely new range of these very successful value solutions. This product has been discontinued! After successful positioning, thanks to the first generation of mentioned sets, the company Canyon cbr to replace those sets with new models cl3 cameras in order to improve its product range and present the mentioned models to the users at prices and in quality that can meet the competition.

High-resolution webcam comes standard with exciting software features like video and photo effects, zooming and face-tracking. In order to use it, it is enough to connect it to the computer. TYANdistribution agreement.

If you think that any of the photos below do not physically resemble the product we offer, please let us know and we will remove the photo. What is in the Box. Both webcam and headset may be used together during Internet video calls or separately.

Request to be notified when stock arrives. Only for voice We wrote many times about the models of VoIP telephones that allow dialing of other numbers or users of specialized xnr through the Internet.


It has a minor flaw — related to support for V1.

The difference is in its wireless connectivity with the base and the technology cng not the same as in the ordinary wireless telephone, it uses Bluetooth technology. Sales offices operate in 27 countries around the world. If you do not consent the use of cookies on this website, please either be sure to block or disable them changing your browser settings explained here or stop using the website.

The set contains stereo headphones with microphone. Canyon has announced it will replace its current range of webcams.

The models sold so far have been replaced by the new generation models with much better performance. Most computers have their browsers set to automatically accept the use of cookies. We will be still processing data and airtime bundles as per usual on our sister site http: Video chatting has become very popular over the recent years, because it is simple cjr inexpensive.

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