The Sound blaster 16 CT!!! This took awhile to do because I was recording from three separate computers. I think that the Rock16 might be a little more “natural” sounding but it does not matter, this Card beats the Rock16 as an overall package. Now for the big huge gigantic comparison of many, many many OPL3 variations, all on the descent theme as requested by MaxWar. At least for FM, GM and compatibility

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Archived from the original specification on February 2, Great features and good sound, but fills a narrow niche Great features and good sound, but fills a narrow niche by Ty Pendlebury. I got some very clean skund with my digitized sound tests. Only a number AV I’m viewing this on the P1 with opera The Sound Blaster 16 is a series of sound cards by Creative Technology.

Now about the quality. Retrieved 26 March Did they make this card too? Alright guys, you like ssound blaster cards? Oh this happens to be one of my favorite midi song, i may do a little special for this one. It also has very good digital Audio.


Creative Labs – Vogons Wiki

I simply cannot stand those “cutoff clicks” it puts all over the place. By setting an onboard jumper, the user could select between line-level output bypassing the on-board amplifier and amplified-output. Well, its surprisingly good!! This item may or may not soun in original packaging. Creative Sound Blaster Gaming by Lori Grunin Dec 13, Just listen to TheDig, its pretty horrid.

I really like the in-game dual OPL3 version The Sound Blaster 16 was hugely popular. In addition, with regard to the headphone amplifier design on most boards, Creative did not fully adhere the datasheets’ recommendations on component values, potentially impacting the amplified output’s sound quality.

Sound Blaster 16 – Wikipedia

Trending Price New. Rich Sorkin was General Manager of the global business during this time, responsible for product planning, product management, marketing and OEM sales. Phones by Jessica Dolcourt Dec 5, At least for FM, GM and compatibility Software needed to be written to leverage its c4t180 abilities, yet the offered capabilities lacked compelling applications.

I was actually very troubled deciding if i liked this card or the Rock16 better. However this card has one cap that has been ripped off so i need to replace it before i try it.


The registered version sounds different: And ive read it does not happen on Cr4180 either. In the end I decided it did not really matter as it amounts to personal taste and you can always EQ them to your need.

This makes me forget some of the prejudices I have about creative labs. Some users have found that replacing the capacitors with fresh ones of the recommended values noticeably improved both amplified and line-level audio quality, in addition to restoring proper operation. ESS cards do not sound like that AT ALL when played through the descent shareware, they will use the right instrument set when played in the ct480.

Maybe my card needs a recap?? Ooh, Descent Shareware, that’s a blast from the past.