Many monitors use controller microchips manufactured by Genesis. Genesis were the first company to offer single-chip scaling solutions to meet growing requirements for resolution scaling on screens with a fixed native resolution. This is effectively the presence of colourisation where there shouldn’t be any. You might have seen their name on the back of some VCRs and video cameras, because they hold lots of patents. With the NRS, movie after movie just jumped off the screen.

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I will cover this more a little later on. This technology really works beautifully!


Also, DCDi smoothes out the diagonals faroydja it is even harder to tell when the switch between film and video modes is made. Faroudja is still producing state-of-the-art video images that bring you very close to film. The left edge is smeared a bit.

Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external linksand by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view. What better way to start my review of Faroudja’s latest video processor than to reminisce about the past?

It remains enabled in the other two modes. I suppose it could somehow be incorporated into a set by opening it up, and thats probably how you’d have to look for it.

There are a couple of shots where I can even see the depth of field over her shoulder, giving a 3D look to this video. I saw a couple of different issues. I hope for his sake it is not all BS So, if you decide to make a change through the front panel, it does not disturb anyone.


If you have ever watched, or attempted to watch, sports through a video processor, you have most likely been disappointed. Faroudja’s Aspect Ratio Technology handles video of various formats and successfully adapts these to the screen being used. It does not seem to be terribly noticeable in films, only DVD menus. Specific test patterns are generated which are detected by the colorimeter and processed by the QuickMatch program.

Faroudja Video Processing – TFTCentral

This processing is particularly important and beneficial when switching between commercials normal mode and a movie film mode and this technology is widely accepted in the industry. Deinterlacing Up until very recently, Faroudja totally owned the video processor market because they were the only ones who offered 3: It is distracting to many people, and is especially obvious on a large screen display.

Film always looks great, but something is not quite right with video. Only 3D comb filters and Faroudja’s cross-color suppression can eliminate that nasty artifact. If you are using a 16×9 screen, it can do the control at any scan rate.

The bandwidth of laserdiscs goes out to about 5. This is evident by looking at the 6. Potentially the presence of ACC and ACM in certain circumstances can lead to faroudjw, and I would suggest this is only where other components are used in conjunction with the chip. We lowered detail down from the default setting because we felt it added an artificial edge to the image.


You might have seen their name faroudka the back of some VCRs and video cameras, because they hold lots of patents. For the best viewing experience please update your fariudja to Google Chrome. There are two pairs of outputs on the back of the 3k. I can’t say how it would improve contrast. Each input does have four separate memories.

A good friend of mine just bought one of these with the Faroudja story. I use “Lost in Space” to look at the overall black level and shadow detail in the picture. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.

I also used the oscilloscope to check the accuracy of the decoding by faroydja at red and green.