Please select the connection type of Internet connection you wish to use detailed explanation listed below. Please input the connection ID here, this is optional and you can leave it blank. Input the MAC address of other wireless routers. TCP performs proper error detection and error recovery, and thus is reliable. Input the MAC address of another wireless router.

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Network Adapters – ICIDU – ICIDU Wireless Lite-N Client Adapter Computer Driver Updates

Set the bandwidth limitation of this QoS rule. A wrong Internet connection type will cause connection problem, and you will not be able to connect to internet. Other features pite-n this router including: You can refer to the instructions given in last chapter: Input the IP address of the computer on local network which provides internet service.

Specify the time to shutdown internet connect after no internet activity is detected by minute. You can pull up the priority of the QoS rule you selected by clicking this button. The date and time litte-n all a.

Remote Port Range f: Pre-shared Select the type of pre-shared key, you Key Format 3: If the QoS table is empty, this button will be grayed out and can not be clicked. Suggestions on IP address numbering plan: Double-click Network direless, and Network window will appear. It will list all available access points nearby.


Connect this router with up to four WDS-capable wireless routers, to expand the scope of network. Before you can connect to the router and start configuration procedures, your computer must be able to get an IP address automatically use dynamic IP address. DO NOT put this router at or near hot or humid places, like kitchen or bathroom.

ICIDU Green Wireless Nano Router N |

Please input the password assigned by your Internet 40 Service Name 3: This is the out going Outbound range of UDP port numbers for this particular application. Please follow the following instructions to set DoS prevention parameters: This is the name of wireless network.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. You can type the SSID of the network you would like to connect here.

Download ICIDU Wireless Lite-N Client Adapter Computer Driver Update

Please select the connection type of Internet connection you wish to use, please refer to section for detailed descriptions. Your home network is considered a LAN. You can try to change channel number to another one if you think the data transfer rate is too slow.


Set Time Zone 1 2 3 4 19 Here are descriptions of every setup items: Also, do not left this router in the car in summer. Never interrupt the upgrade procedure by closing the web browser or physically disconnect your computer from router. Please input the password assigned by Telstra. AP Bridge-Point to Point: Any integer between 1 and Enabled iciu Please input the user name assigned by Telstra.

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Please input the MTU value of your network connection here. Save current event log to a text file. You can select more than one IP addresses.