If firewalld is running: Use this option with first network command to prevent activation of the device in istaller environment. Omitting any required item will result in the installation program prompting the user for an answer to the related item, just as the user would be prompted during a typical installation. Forces the partition to be created on a particular disk as discovered by the BIOS. The installation program defines several groups that contain related packages.

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What would be the best option? Specification of devices by comma separated list of block device names.

This required command sets up the authentication options for the system. If the kickstart file is located on a boot diskette as described in the Section called Creating a Kickstart Boot Diskette in Chapter 6, boot the system with the diskette in the drive, and enter the following command at the boot: Visit the following links: This mode will kill the installation when user interaction will be required.

Kickstart Documentation — Pykickstart documentation

If you specify a – character as a prefix, the package is not installed. The static method requires that you specify at least IP address and netmask with –ip and –netmask options.


It is useful so that the installation program does not ask if it should initialize the disk label if installing to a brand new hard drive. It provides the information for MIC about which packages should be downloaded and installed in the image.

Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. For IPv6 configuration use –ipv6 option. Removed in version Fedora6.

Kickstart File Summary

New in version Fedora6. Specify a list of X layouts that should be used comma-separated list without spaces. The network-based approach is most commonly used, as most kickstart installations tend to be performed on networked computers.

Valid options are anything recognized by jickstart firewall-cmd program in the firewalld package. Package Selection Group-level options Chapter 6.

Specifies those disks that anaconda should not touch when partitioning, formatting, and clearing. Therefore, the upgrade command essentially does nothing. Please try this before manually configuring your system. This is just a wrapper around the authconfig program, so all options recognized by that program are valid for this command. Only disklabels supported for the platform will be accepted. Here is an example of a line from the dhcpd.


The various parts of the argument act like you would expect. If your script spawns a daemon process, you must make sure to close stdout and stderr. If the remote syslogd process uses a port other than the default, it may be specified with this option. These users will not be created on the final system – they only exist for use while the installer is running.

Valid values include ext4, ext3, ext2, xfs, btrfs, swap, and vfat. It can be useful when activating additional devices in installer using –activate option. The host name for the installed system.

This is similar to –fsprofile but works for all filesystems, not just the ones that support the profile concept. Do not install packages from weak dependencies.

I resolved by band-aid and not the best solution, but it can work. Install the default package set.