N07 American Gas Institute Association. FO Dictionary of national biography, concise dictionary. Bibliogralia tnexicana del siglo xvi, Pp, Pocket book of marine engineering rules and tables. Catalogue of printed books and manuscripts in the Sanskrit language.. Building estimator’s data book. Indian railway standard code of practice for the design of structural steelwork.

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Definitions and formulae for students — electrical.

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J 32 33 Dictionnaire de chimie pure et appliquee. L-1S A Pallas nagy lexikona az ossizes ismeretek enciklopediaja.

Pocket book of pocket books of engineering. Logarithms of sines and tangents for every second. Courtney William PrideauxRegister of national bibliography.

Reclientafel nebst Sarnmnlung hanfiggebrauchter Zahlenwerte. Berlin, Denmark Bibliographie du calcul des varia- tions, 1 A1 mughrab, Pp, Nouvelles printsr de log. Royal Society of London. Mathe- matical tables and formulas. F8 Library of Congress. Bibliographical history of electricity and magnetism.


Full text of “Financial Times , , UK, English”

M77 Beiblatter zu den Annalen der Phvsik. N2 F8 Barwick G. Catalogue of scientific and technical periodicals, It would be in the fitness of things if Indian librarians endeavour to bring out reference books and bibliographies ,exico all aspects of Indology.

M9 E4 Sanchez Manuel Segundo.

Catalog of Lexmark models

L57 EO British Museum. E, Arno Id, 10l 6.

Uhited States catalog, books in print. Bohemian bibliographyj a finding list of writings in English relating to Bohemia and the Cechs.

S Who’s who in Hakushi in Great Japan. Catalogue of scientific and technical periodicals in the libraries of Australia.

N05 Motor year book. San Luis catalogue of 16, stars for the epoch Dictionnaire encyclo- pedique de bibliographie Arabe.

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Tables for setting out curves,metres radius. Chambers bio- graphical dictionary. Engineering tables and data. Chicago, 14aN2 F5; G! Hutchinson’s technical and scientific encyclopaedia.