Can I use onboard graphics with graphics card – Windows 7 Help Forums. So that will be my suggestion to everybody: Some tearing do happen on Apple DVD player. I can enable the monitor, and move my cursor unto the monitor, but it’s not actually displaying anything. Oh okay, got it now. Are your dvd backups fullscreen or widescreen? BB code is on.

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So I had this old monitor lying around, and me being the tech noob that I am thought I could just get it to work no problemo. Oh okay, got it now. BB code is on.

LiteOn LitePanel LCD Free Driver Download for Windows XP () –

Check also lutepanel your HD is defragd sometimes this will give problems and as a last suggestion, there are no other programs running in the background during ripping, converting or burning. So I had this old monitor lying around, and me being the tech noob that I am thought I could.

No problems here with 15″ TFT. We would need to know your hardware. Originally Posted by oscer1 It could be that one monitor is hooked to a dedicated card and other is hooked to on board graphics. I have an Apple Powerbook, the screen resolution is set to x the maximum resolution that is supported15,4 inch TFT. Didn’t liteoj say you could “move my cursor unto the monitor” and “move a window onto that monitor”? If you want more control, such as having an active taskbar on it, and different wallpaper, you can use something like UltraMon to set it all up.


If you want the wallpaper stretched out, or tiled across both monitors, you need to select it in the display properties.

You first have to reduce it’s width and height a bit and then try to drag it over onto the other screen. On PowerBooks, he has the right native resolutions.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Can you drag a window over onto that monitor?

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Note that the window cannot be maximized to drag it over. I’ve got my main monitor connected in a discrete mini hdmi port, and 1150 vga monitor converted to hdmi in a intergrated hdmi port. To help get you prepared for your build, this database contains quick and searchable references to monitors that have been successfully used in the past by other LumenLab members. What do you expect it to display?

Review: In-deep Canopus Edius SP system for HDV – Audio Visual – – Page 7

With each new entry it becomes easier for new builders to find the information they need. It needs a major update to improve quality. The monitor is real old but still works. I thought the problem was you couldn’t display anything on the monitor, but now you can. Copyright -Tech Support Forum. Sometimes these issues can be impossible to overcome.


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Next step then would be to test the port that you’re attempting to attach the monitor to, to a different, newer monitor to make sure it’s working correctly. My deepest apologies to the makers of DVD2one! Hi there, I am using dvd2one since the beginning of the year.

Feel free to mail corrections to data to: LCD panels has a fixed resolution of x 15 inchtry using this and see what is happening. Does anyone know if its tied in to Quicktime itself? FFC issues are when components most often controller boards cannot be moved out of the light path and make the construction of your projector difficult.

The time now is So that will be my suggestion to everybody: Wow, I’m lost here.